May 3, 2013 in Business, Features

Take Shape For Life is excited to announce the launch of a dedicated prospecting dynamic mobile website which Health Coaches can utilize to share videos and informational materials with potential Clients and Health Coaches. The prospecting site,, offers Coaches the convenience of sharing Optimal Health right at their fingertips.

Accessible from any smart phone, tablet, or computer, Coaches will now just need a potential Client or Health Coaches’ email address to help them start their journey toward Optimal Health. Sent with a short, editable message, the nine videos and six document options make it easy to cater the information to meet the needs of a potential Client or Coach.  We recommend sharing a few documents at a time – you can choose the content most relevant to the prospective Client or Health Coach!

Simply access the website by going to and log in with your Health Coach ID number and the primary email address on your co-branded website as the password. You  must have your personal Co-Branded site set-up to begin using To send content from iShare, enter the potential Client or Health Coaches’ name and email address; select from the video options and the document options; and hit submit.  Please tell the potential Client or Health Coach that the email may end up in their email provider’s Spam folder.

You do not need to download an app to use  If you access from your home computer or laptop, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome as your web browser.


The following videos and documents are available on


Path to Optimal Health                                                  

Highlights the TSFL health program and how easy it is to transform your life

Discover Take Shape For Life                                                    

Features people who have completely transformed their lives with our program—first as Clients, then as Health Coaches

5 & 1 Plan®                                                                                             

Explains the weight-loss portion of the program

Health Coach Opportunity                                                          

Explores the success of people who’ve become Health Coaches

Freedom Through Transformation                                       

Highlights how we create health for people and transform their entire lives

Free to Be Family                                                                               

Explains how being a Health Coach allows parents the freedom to put their families first

Free to Be Imperfect                                                                        

Highlights the flexibility of a career in Health Coaching, letting you organize your life around what matters most

Free to Be Hope

Explains how you can embody health and hope and share those gifts with others as a Health Coach

Free to Be Free    

Captures the American Dream aspect of our program through the business opportunity


PDF documents:

Program Overview Brochure                                                       

Brochure, with the most important details about our easy-to-follow plan

Achieve Optimal Health Brochure                                         

Brochure, which explains how Take Shape For Life works

Habits of Health Lifestyle Brochure                                     

Brochure, which outlines the path to Optimal Health, beginning with one easy decision to choose health

TSFL Quick Start Guide                                                  

Helps you get started on the program the right way, fast

Becoming a Health Coach Brochure                                      

Brochure, which shows how easy it is to transform your own life and the lives of others by helping America get healthy

Creating Health Brochure for Health Professionals  

Brochure, which explains how health professionals can use Take Shape For Life to improve the health of their patients and practice