August 2, 2017 in Features


We are excited to announce that OPTAVIA™ LEARN is now live! Through our incredible Community, we have leveraged the best practices of our Field Leaders for OPTAVIA Learn. This comprehensive learning tool built for you and your OPTAVIA Coach™ Teams brings knowledge, learning, and helpful information right to your fingertips!

This tool is designed to provide the information Coaches – no matter what rank – need in order to have immediate success, and allow them to progress at their own pace. OPTAVIA LEARN will continue to evolve and grow over time as the business needs of your Coach Community grow as well.

The MacDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education (COPE) Certification Exam is now hosted on OPTAVIA LEARN. Coaches who decide to become equipped with the proper knowledge to coach Clients through their entire journeys – from healthy living to Optimal Health, can now get certified here: http://coachanswers.optavia.com/help/cope.

We recommend that for the best experience, you and your Teams use Google Chrome to access OPTAVIA LEARN

On OPTAVIA LEARN, Coaches can either learn by rank or learn by competency.

Learn by Rank – Coaches that are looking to progress to the next rank on their career path can select a desired rank and then review all of the topics and resources available.


Learn by Competency – Coaches looking to achieve the next milestone on their OPTAVIA Path to Success, or hoping to find more information and education on a specific activity should search by competency.