New Recognition

August 12, 2017 in Features


We’re excited to announce our newly designed OPTAVIA™ Recognition Program – the OPTAVIA Path to Achievement – introduced from stage at the first-ever OPTAVIA Convention in July! Through our incredible Community, we have leveraged the best practices of our Field Leaders and created a program that is designed to awaken potential, drive performance, and reward your success through every step of your journey.

The OPTAVIA Path to Achievement supports and embodies the mission of OPTAVIA, creating lifelong transformation and Optimal Health™ and Wellbeing, one healthy habit at a time. This enhanced program recognizes Coaches and Leaders for their achievements as they progress through different ranks and milestones.

There are three key recognition aspects to OPTAVIA Path to Achievement: Advancement, Legacy, and Impact.

  • Advancement: OPTAVIA is excited to celebrate each new rank and milestone achieved along your Coach journey with unique rewards specifically designed for each achievement.
  • Legacy: The difference you make in the lives of others may not always be seen immediately, but creates ripples that span over time and can be far-reaching across the world.
  • Impact: The most important thing you do can be measured by the impact you have on the lives in your immediate community, as well as your larger community.



We’re so excited to recognize and celebrate you, our OPTAVIA Leaders, as you continue to grow, create your legacy, and make such a positive impact.

For more information and to see all of the rewards you will earn at each rank and milestone, download this document. Keep up the hard work as you continue along your OPTAVIA Path to Achievement!