New Fall Savings

October 4, 2017 in Features


We’re excited to introduce three BRAND NEW BeSlim Club fall exclusive discounted offers! The OPTAVIA Essential Savory Meals, OPTAVIA Essential Delightful Chocolate Bundle, and OPTAVIA Essential Sweet Treats will help you enjoy healthy seasonal savings! These savings can be unlocked for a limited time when you order one of our BeSlim Kits or place a BeSlim Club order of $310 or more!

  • OPTAVIA Essential Savory Meals (#76971) – $45.00
    (28% Off – Original Price $62.85)

    Warm up and savor fall with a hearty twist! This kit includes 1 box each (3 total boxes) of our OPTAVIA Essential Sour Cream & Chive Smashed Potatoes, Rustic Tomato Herb Penne, and Hearty Red Bean & Vegetable Chili!
  • OPTAVIA Essential Delightful Chocolate Bundle (#76972) – $45.00
    (28% Off – Original Price $62.85)

    Dive in and delight with every healthy, chocolatey bite! This kit includes 1 box each (3 total boxes) of our OPTAVIA Essential Drizzled Chocolate Fudge Crisp Bar, Decadent Double Chocolate Brownie, and Chocolate Fudge Pudding!
  • OPTAVIA Essential Sweet Treats (#76973) – $45.00
    (28% Off – Original Price $62.85)

    Satisfy your sweet tooth and Optimal Health™ with these fruity favorites! This kit includes 1 box each (3 total boxes) of our OPTAVIA Essential Sweet Blueberry Biscuit, Zesty Lemon Crisp Bar, and Wild Strawberry Shake!


With the introduction of these exciting new offers, we are no longer offering the OPTAVIA Select Shake Pack, OPTAVIA Select Breakfast Pack, and OPTAVIA Select Bar Pack as one of our discounted BeSlim Club offers. We will still offer Dr. A’s Habits of Health Bundle.

  • Dr. A’s Habits of Health Bundle (#74881) – $36.00
    (25% Off – Original Price $47.90)

These offers will appear in your Shopping Cart once you reach the $310 order threshold, and you can simply click on them to add to your Cart!
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