November 1, 2017 in Features


Accelerate is back! We’re excited to announce a great way for you to expand our extraordinary Community of OPTAVIA Coaches™! Beginning today, November 1st, 2017 when you sponsor a NEW OPTAVIA Coach who generates 500+ Frontline Volume (FLV) from new Clients in November, both you AND your NEW Coach will receive a $50.00 bonus.

Let all of your Clients and Coach Candidates know how rewarding it is to become an OPTAVIA Coach, and help grow our OPTAVIA Community while expanding your business as well as theirs! Earn multiple bonuses during this promotion until the end of November, as long as you continue to sponsor NEW Coaches who generate 500+ in FLV.

For the complete Terms and Conditions for Accelerate download this document! You can find additional information about when Accelerate bonuses will be paid out and more by visiting OPTAVIA Answers.

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