Spanish Materials

November 3, 2017 in Features


To provide you, our Coaching Community, with the tools and support needed to transform lives, we’re excited to announce that you can order OPTAVIA materials in Spanish! In addition to the new materials, the OPTAVIA Coach Business Kit is also available in Spanish for new OPTAVIA Coaches to add to their OPTAVIA Coach Business Kit order.

This expansion of materials in Spanish is exciting for our entire OPTAVIA Coaching™ Community! We are committed to supporting the Spanish-speaking community, and better assisting everyone with lifelong transformation.

Existing Coaches may purchase individual materials in Spanish and the OPTAVIA Coach Bundle in Spanish. The OPTAVIA Coach Business Kit in Spanish will only appear for new Coaches in their cart when they check out with their Business Kit.

  • OPTAVIA materials in Spanish:
    • OPTAVIA Success System in Spanish (SKU# 31115)
    • Health Assessment in Spanish (SKU# 50061)
    • OPTAVIA Coaching Guide in Spanish (SKU# 50062)
    • Optimal Weight 4 & 2 & 1 Plan® Guide in Spanish (SKU# 50066)
    • Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® Client Introduction Guide (10pk) in Spanish (SKU# 50068)
    • OPTAVIA Fuelings and Products Information Cards in Spanish (SKU# 31113)
    • OPTAVIA Diabetes Guide in Spanish (SKU# 50071)
    • OPTAVIA Seniors Guide in Spanish (SKU# 50072)
    • OPTAVIA Dining Out Guide in Spanish (SKU# 50073)
    • OPTAVIA Guide in Spanish (SKU# 50063)
    • Optimal Health 3 & 3 Plan® Guide in Spanish (SKU# 50067)
  • OPTAVIA Coach Bundle in Spanish – (SKU# 31117)
  • OPTAVIA Coach Business Kit (Spanish) – (SKU# 31114)

New OPTAVIA Coaches will be able to select the complimentary OPTAVIA Coach Business Kit in Spanish. The complementary OPTAVIA Business Kit in Spanish is available for our Spanish-speaking Coaches, and those who live in Spanish-speaking communities or have Spanish-speaking Clients and Candidates! The OPTAVIA Coach Business Kit in Spanish will appear as an Exclusive Offer in the cart of new Coaches when they check out.

Business Kit-Spanish_screenshot