New Enhancements

November 10, 2017 in Features


At OPTAVIA, we’re so excited to announce that our new and improved technology platform – designed for you, our extraordinary Coach Community – will launch on December 1, 2017! Stay tuned over the next few weeks, as we’ll be sharing more details on all of these upcoming exciting technology enhancements.

Our December 1st launch will include the following:

  • and personalized Coaching websites, featuring a restructured online shopping experience, new cart, a simple, streamlined checkout process, and OPTAVIA branded transactional emails.
    • OPTAVIA Connect – A new back office where you can connect your business through a personalized dashboard, new reports, an enhanced tree view, and real time information.
    • OPTAVIA Pay – A convenient and faster way for you to receive your earnings, including a sleek new OPTAVIA branded bank card.
    • OPTAVIA Share – Your central communication portal, where you can send personalized and branded emails, ecards, social media content, newsletters, and more!
    • OPTAVIA Buzz – Your news and information site for your OPTAVIA Coaching Business (replacing Coach Connection).
    • OPTAVIA Learn – Further enhancements to our training platform, including a simplified Coach Certification, database of questions and answers for both OPTAVIA Coaches and Clients, and more.

Please stay tuned for more details to follow on all of these exciting technology enhancements!