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November 17, 2017 in Features


We are excited to bring you more details surrounding the launch of OPTAVIA Connect on December 1st. OPTAVIA Connect provides you with the tools needed to successfully build and grow your business. OPTAVIA Connect features powerful reporting and support tools to manage both your Coach Teams and your Clients. OPTAVIA Connect makes managing your business simple so you can focus on what matters most – helping others to achieve Optimal Wellbeing!

Here are some of the features you can look forward to with the launch of OPTAVIA Connect:

  • Performance Banner – After you login to OPTAVIA Connect, you will see a performance banner that includes your current performing rank, your next rank, as well as the easy steps to get there!
  • Business Dashboard – OPTAVIA Connect’s new Engage dashboard gives you a snapshot of your business in real time, right at your fingertips. From Lives Impacted, to Frontline Volume, to a CAB Countdown, your dashboard shows you the areas to focus on in your business each day.
  • Reporting – Select from a variety of pre-defined reports or create your own with the filters you choose.
  • Tree View – See information and search for all of your Clients and Coaches in your entire organization. Simply click on a name to view their information and contact them directly.
  • Editing your Story – Now when you edit your “About Me” section of your personal website, your story and edits will appear live immediately, instead of waiting for approval from our Compliance team! Should any edits need to be made, an OPTAVIA Compliance team member will contact you directly.
  • Real Time – Because OPTAVIA Connect is running and showing reporting in real time, instead of a delay, there will no longer be a one-hour time period after placing an order during which you can change that order. As soon as an order is placed online or over the phone, it will move through the fulfillment process at our distribution centers, and no more edits to that order can be made.

‘To-Do’ Checklist Before December 1st

In addition to the new and exciting features listed above, we recommend that you take several important steps below to prepare for OPTAVIA Connect:

  • Save the contacts in your Address Book in Office in Motion. You’ll need to save these as separate records, as you can’t export a file. Your Clients and Coaches will carry over to OPTAVIA Connect, but contacts in your Address Book in Office in Motion will not. Be sure to save all of the contacts in your Address Book that are not already a Client or Coach.
  • Save any pictures and blog posts you have on your current personal website. Only your profile picture and Before & After pictures will move over to OPTAVIA Connect.
  • Copy any notes in your current Client or Coach profile pop-up, as well as ecard history, if you would like to save and reference them in the future.
  • Your Healthy Habits eNewsletter will be replaced by OPTAVIA Share, a communication portal where you can share branded emails, ecards, social media content, newsletters, and more! Please save your contacts from the Healthy Habits portal so you can upload them to OPTAVIA Share after the launch.

Stay tuned next week for more exciting details about our technology launch. Next week on Monday, November 20th at 1:00 p.m. ET, Jesse Stamm, Head of OPTAVIA Experience & Support, will host a Facebook Live in the Agents of Transformation group discussing the new website and your new Coach website!

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