Connect Features!

November 29, 2017 in Features


We have more exciting details surrounding some of the new technology enhancements of OPTAVIA Connect – including OPTAVIA Pay, OPTAVIA Share, and OPTAVIA Buzz – all set to launch this Friday, December 1st.


OPTAVIA Pay is a convenient and faster way for you to receive your earnings, including a sleek, new branded OPTAVIA Black card. OPTAVIA Pay will benefit your business with the following features:

  • A convenient way to receive your payments, faster delivery of your earnings, easier to track your payments, reduction in expenses and transfer fees, and the ability to budget for events like OPTAVIA Convention.
  • Soon, you will receive your personalized OPTAVIA Card and an email with instructions to activate your account after December 1st. Please activate your account as soon as you receive the email to make sure you receive your earnings via OPTAVIA Pay.


OPTAVIA Share is a communication portal where you can send branded emails, eCards, social media content, newsletters, and more! Here are the specific features of this portal:

  • Email Templates and Flyers: You will now be able to send flyers and emails to Clients, Coaches, or Coach Candidates, both of which feature easily customizable content – even images! Your personalized contact information is also added to every flyer.
  • eCards: Enjoy a variety of branded eCards for your Clients, Coaches, and Coach Candidates that you can send with a customized message.
  • Social Media Graphics: This content includes specific social media content, available for you to share with your social media followers. Each graphic features your contact information, so those seeing it will remain connected to you, even when it is shared multiple times over social media.
  • Newsletters: Branded OPTAVIA Newsletters with engaging content will also be available after December 1st (Please note that these newsletters will replace our existing Healthy Habits eNewsletter).
  • Run a Report and then Share: From OPTAVIA Connect, it’s easy to run a specific report and then select Coaches, Clients, or Coach Candidates to receive information from OPTAVIA Share directly. Run a report of your qualifying Executive Directors, and then share an ecard with them to register for Go Global!
  • Can’t Wait to Share?: At the launch of OPTAVIA Share, content will be available to all Coaches for FREE! After an introductory period, there will be a monthly payment for select, exclusive content on OPTAVIA Share. Certain content will remain free, and additional content will be available for a small fee, just like the Healthy Habits eNewsletter subscription that exists today.


OPTAVIA Buzz is your news and information site for your OPTAVIA Coaching Business. Replacing Coach Connection, here are some of the features to note:

  • News for your Business: Buzz is the place to go for all news related to Products, Events, Coach Recognition, and more! Please note that OPTAVIA Buzz will replace Coach Connection.
  • Single Sign On: You can access Buzz through signing into OPTAVIA Connect, with just a single sign on!
  • Recognition: All of the rank advancements from last month as well as weekly bonuses will be easily accessible for all Coaches to see. You will also be able to see past recognition all the way back to July of 2017 with the launch of the OPTAVIA Path to Achievement.
  • Buzz Words to Search: Potential topics are grouped by tags to make searching easier.

We will also continue to build our database of questions and answers for both you and your Clients via OPTAVIA Answers. This is your place to go for all information regarding these new business features and others related to our new technology enhancements.

Later this week, on launch day, we’ll bring you a comprehensive look at the entire platform and all its features. Stay tuned, and remember if you need additional information, please reference OPTAVIA Coach Answers on December 1st.