Technology Launch

December 1, 2017 in Features

It’s official! Our new technology platform – designed for you, our extraordinary OPTAVIA Community – is now live! Here is a comprehensive look our new technology features, unveiled today.


OPTAVIA Connect provides you with the tools needed to build and grow a successful OPTAVIA business. The new back office features powerful reporting and support tools to manage both your Coach Team and your Clients. OPTAVIA Connect makes managing your business simple so you can focus on what matters most – helping others to achieve Optimal Wellbeing! The following are the features included in OPTAVIA Connect:

  • Performance Banner – After you login to OPTAVIA Connect, you will see a performance banner that includes your current performing rank, your next rank, as well as the easy steps to get there!
  • Business Dashboard –
    OPTAVIA Connect’s new Engage dashboard gives you a snapshot of your business in real time, right at your fingertips. From Lives Impacted, to Frontline Volume, to a CAB Countdown, your dashboard shows you the areas to focus on in your business each day.
  • Reporting – Select from a variety of pre-defined reports or create your own with the filters you choose.
  • Tree View – See information and search for all of your Clients and Coaches in your entire organization. Simply click on a name to view their information and contact them directly.
  • Editing your Story – Now when you edit your “About Me” section of your personal website, your story and edits will appear live immediately, instead of waiting for approval from our Compliance team! Should any edits need to be made, an OPTAVIA Compliance team member will contact you directly.
  • Real Time – Because OPTAVIA Connect is running and showing reporting in real time, instead of a delay, there will no longer be a one-hour time period after placing an order during which you can change that order. As soon as an order is placed online or over the phone, it will move through the fulfillment process at our distribution centers, and no more edits to that order can be made.
  • Click here to experience OPTAVIA Connect!


OPTAVIA Pay is a convenient and faster way for you to receive your earnings, including a sleek, new branded OPTAVIA Black card. OPTAVIA Pay will benefit your business with the following features:

  • A convenient way to receive your payments, faster delivery of your earnings, easier to track your payments, reduction in expenses and transfer fees, and the ability to budget for events like OPTAVIA Convention.
  • Soon, you will receive your personalized OPTAVIA Black Card and an email with instructions to activate your account. Please activate your account as soon as you receive the email to make sure you receive your earnings via OPTAVIA Pay.
  • You can access OPTAVIA Pay through OPTAVIA Connect.
  • Want to learn more? Watch the short video below with OPTAVIA Integrated Presidential Director Jamil Frazier!


OPTAVIA Share is a communication portal where you can send branded emails, eCards, social media content, newsletters, and more! Please note that we are updating the content in Share DAILY, so check back frequently for exciting updates! Here are the specific features of this portal:

  • Flyers: You will now be able to send flyers to Clients, Coaches, or Coach Candidates, both of which feature easily customizable content – even images!
  • Email Templates & eCards: Enjoy a variety of branded eCards and email templates you can choose from for your Clients, Coaches, and Coach Candidates that you can send with a customized message. These assets feature your contact information, so those seeing it will remain connected to you, even when you share it across email and your social media platforms.
  • Social Media Graphics: This content includes OPTAVIA branded social media graphics, available for you to share with your social media followers.
  • Newsletters: Branded OPTAVIA Newsletters with engaging content centered around each Habits of Health call will be available in Share in mid-December. If you use Healthy Habits eNewsletter, please continue to send your December newsletter through Healthy Habits next week.
  • Run a Report and then Share: From OPTAVIA Connect, it’s easy to run a specific report and then select Coaches, Clients, or Coach Candidates to receive information from OPTAVIA Share directly. For example, run a report of your new Senior Coaches, and congratulate them with a social media graphic!
  • Can’t Wait to Share?: At the launch of OPTAVIA Share, content will be available to all Coaches for FREE! After an introductory period, there will be a monthly payment for select, exclusive content on OPTAVIA Share. Certain content will remain free, and additional content will be available for a small fee, just like the Healthy Habits eNewsletter subscription that exists today.
  • You can access OPTAVIA Share through OPTAVIA Connect.


OPTAVIA Buzz is your news and information site for your OPTAVIA Coaching Business. Replacing Coach Connection, here are some of the features to note:

  • News for your Business:
    OPTAVIA Buzz is the place to go for all news related to Products, Events, Coach Recognition, and more! Please note that OPTAVIA Buzz will replace Coach Connection.
  • Single Sign On: You can access OPTAVIA Buzz through signing into OPTAVIA Connect, with just a single sign on!
  • Recognition: All of the rank advancements from last month as well as weekly bonuses will be easily accessible for all Coaches to see. You will also be able to see past recognition all the way back to July of 2017 with the launch of the OPTAVIA Path to Achievement.
  • Buzz Words to Search: Potential topics are grouped by tags to make searching easier.
  • You can access OPTAVIA Buzz through OPTAVIA Connect.
  • Learn more about OPTAVIA Buzz and OPTAVIA Share from the video below featuring Integrated Presidential Director Dr. JC Doornick.

OPTAVIA.COM and Personalized Websites

The redesigned site and your personal Coach website feature the following enhancements:

  • Redesigned, the OPTAVIA Way: The new website has been completely redesigned and features new content, new shopping cart, and a simple, streamlined checkout process. You and your Clients are able to access a new "My Account" section and receive OPTAVIA branded emails.
  • Editing OPTAVIA Premier: In addition to the redesign, the site contains new functionality for easy, streamlined editing of OPTAVIA Premier orders (formerly BeSlim Club®).
  • Same Day Processing: allows for same day processing of OPTAVIA Premier orders! Now on any day, especially on the last day of the month, you and your Clients are able to set your OPTAVIA Premier order to process online, instead of calling our Client or Coach Success Teams.
  • Find a Coach: When Client Candidates request an OPTAVIA Coach, they have the option to request one geographically located near them by entering their zip code. The name, photo, and personal story of the closest five Coaches is displayed for the Candidate to request a local Coach right in their community!
  • Client Account Cross Reference: When a current Client “accidentally” requests a Coach while trying to locate their Coach, they will NO-LONGER get “assigned” to a new Coach. Instead, they are re-directed to their actual Coach's website to complete their order!
  • Text Messages: Clients can opt in to receive text messages from OPTAVIA within "My Account" after logging in!
  • Single Sign-On: All platforms within and OPTAVIA Connect operate with a single sign on! Once you log in with your email address and password, you’ll have access to your account, OPTAVIA Connect, OPTAVIA Share, OPTAVIA Buzz, OPTAVIA Learn, OPTAVIA Answers, OPTAVIA Pay, and more!

Our new system enhancements requires ALL Coaches and Clients to change their password after logging into the system as of today, December 1st. For your security, your new password will need to contain a minimum of 8 characters, including one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character. For example the password "Welcome1!" would be an acceptable new password. Click HERE to update your password now, and HERE for an easy step-by-step instructions on how to update your password! Watch the short how-to video below for detailed instructions on resetting your password.

Please note, if you do not immediately receive your password reset email, check your spam folder. If you still have not received the email, please click here to let us know so our team can look into this for you!

Please reference OPTAVIA Coach Answers with any questions you have about this new technology launch. OPTAVIA Answers is your place to go for all information regarding these new business features and other questions related to our new technology enhancements.

Thank you!