June 2017 Achiever Photos & Testimonials

Congratulations to these Business Coaches and Business Leaders for their new rank advancements in June 2017! We appreciate all of the hard work that you’re putting into your business, and all that you do everyday to get America healthy.

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Integrated Presidential Directors

“How does one put into words a whole entire life transformed? A whole family transformed? And then many others after transformed through that ripple effect? There are days I just simply wake up speechless and so entirely full of gratitude. Because, not that long ago, our lives looked completely different. We had a huge desire to serve others, to create transformations, to take pride in craftsmanship, a job well done, and to live an abundant life, but reality collided with our dreams. Although we were successful entrepreneurs in our community, we quickly saw owning a business could not give us the freedom or the impact we truly desired. Not to mention, we were missing the moments that mattered most. We missed kissing our daughters messy morning hair and sometimes dinner. Weekends were no longer for fun but rather to rest our exhausted bodies, minds and hearts. We deeply desired to have a third child but doubted we could afford it financially or emotionally. There was a clear moment we had nearly gave in and said our dreams will stay just that, only a dream. We were about to settle and just give up until Take Shape For Life entered our lives. I wish I could tell you we were all in right from the start, but it took us a few years to really come around to the full

Once we did, not only did our finances transform but every single thing about us. We proudly announce that we are not the same people who started this business years ago… we are completely different. Take Shape For Life® provided us the opportunity to wipe our slate clean, to discover our talents within and then gave us permission to uncover the talents and dreams of others around us. The value we have received just can’t be measured. Our hearts are so full. Our life is so full of friendship and mentorship. Our children have full-time parents – all three of them! (We had a baby boy.) And our life is full of adventure. Because we focused on first bringing momma home, then daddy and now we are helping others to do the same… This is the ripple effect of hope. Now we are truly living our wildest dreams! I hope more people will join us on the ride to live the life you’ve always prayed for because it CAN be a reality! #TheFreedomParents”

– Samantha & Harold Prestenbach

Presidential Directors

“At the highest weight I had seen in 12 years, and experiencing depression for the first time in my life, I reached out to a friend on social media who had been sharing his weight loss story and immediately started program, believing this could be the change I needed. I had previously been a chronic yo-yo dieter who had tried everything. In four weeks, I lost 20 lbs, had more energy, and felt much more like myself than I had in a long time. I knew Take Shape For Life – now OPTAVIA – was my lifelong solution. In seven months, I lost 96 lbs and gained a ton of life. I am now the mother and wife I desperately wanted to be. I have energy to chase our three daughters, and I keep my promises when it comes to being outdoors with them, taking them places, and being active. I no longer hide from family photos or social gatherings. My happiness is back; and thanks to this program, I have been able to share with hundreds and help them take their lives back, too. Because of Take Shape For Life and the financial blessing of helping others, my husband and I both work from home as Coaches, leaving behind years of careers where we worked to accomplish the dreams of others. We now enjoy life on our terms and never miss a moment with our children. Because of Take Shape For Life, our lives are better in our health, our minds, and our finances. We are forever grateful!”

– Carol & Ryan Hipps

“Wow! Deciding to coach was the best decision Andy and I have ever made regarding our family’s future. Never would I have guessed the life we have today would have ever been possible, much less a year and a half into coaching. We absolutely love what we do, who we do it with, the Clients we get to work with, being a part of the incredible transformations and the life we are providing for our family. We are so thankful to Dr. A and the team. This gift of program and coaching has radically changed our lives!”


– Tiffany & Andy Howard

Integrated Global Directors

“[OPTAVIA] has given our family the time freedom we so deeply desired but seemed impossible. Five years ago, Ian was flying 747’s for an air cargo company and regularly gone 18 days straight each month. He missed most of the first seven months of our youngest daughter’s first year of life. After years of deployments with the USAF and now a job that kept them separated even more, we were desperate for a better life for our family. Just prior to learning about Take Shape For Life through a fellow Air Force spouse, we had been considering purchasing a $43,000 franchise to bring Ian home. Together, we lost almost 85 lbs, and Vonda began coaching in August 2012. Ian came home to coach with her full time in January 2013, and we now have freedom to prioritize our family the way we’ve always dreamed. Ian hasn’t missed a single birthday, holiday or school event since he came home. Because Ian is home now, Vonda has been fully available to help at their girl’s school, assist in school plays, field trips and be fully involved in the community. We both love the opportunity OPTAVIA gives us to bless others, and we have had the amazing privilege of helping other families to experience the same freedom we’ve gained.”

– Vonda & Ian Livingston

Global Directors

“The service industry has been a part of my life since my teenage years. It was such a joy to deliver what someone needed. Once a stay at home mom, becoming a personal trainer gave me the opportunity to deliver what people wanted most: transformation. What I found was that I was limited, unsuccessful and defeated in virtually every case. Without a systematic approach that offered structure and a lifelong approach to wellness, I couldn’t give my clients what they were looking for. After being introduced to OPTAVIA, I found that the sky was the limit not only for my Clients’ success but also the opportunity to assist others to grow a business and create what they want. Now I get to serve others in a way that changes lives forever. I couldn’t be more grateful for this vehicle to be who I am in the world!”


– Nicole & Josh DeWard

Integrated National Directors

“My precious friend Laurie Reasons shared the program with me and helped me change my physical and emotional well-being, fast! Within my first week I felt like a brand new person! One week after becoming a Coach, my husband Andy and I were on a flight to attend National Convention! The people were all so down to earth, encouraging, and helpful! Less than two years later we are qualifying at Integrated National Director Rank! We just love people and help them accomplish their dreams as Clients and Coaches! How easy that comes to us because we already love people anyway!”


– Beverly & Andrew Barton

“Plain and simple, OPTAVIA gave me my life back! No longer am I a slave to my fears or to food. I have true freedom in my life, as I have embraced the Habits of Health, lost over 100 lbs, integrated myself into our healthy community, and pay this gift of health forward daily. I strive to live my health out loud, and now, I follow my adventurous spirit – taking risks I would not have allowed myself to take two years ago. Never again will I be locked down by the chains of obesity. I AM FREE!”


– Kristen Fullmore


– John & Elizabeth Kilpatrick

“When my Coach, Matt, first approached me about coaching, I immediately and emphatically said, “NO!” Although I had lost 70 lbs and felt great, I did not see my potential to impact the world. I am so glad he did not give up on me and kept sharing! I will be forever grateful! This journey has given me a new life and sense of purpose! I cannot begin to thank my mentorship team enough for helping me see my own potential, dream bigger, and for encouraging me to reach out and share with EVERYONE because we something to offer EVERYONE.”


– Gary Powell

National Directors


Robert & Laura Gaffney: “We had been looking for a weight loss program to install into the fitness center we own. At the same time, I found I had gained about 30 lbs while training for a marathon! OPTAVIA came into our lives and within a matter of two months, I had lost 40lbs, and, together as a couple we found ourselves running a thriving new business. We are grateful for the amazing help and support of our Business Coaches (the Prestenbach’s) who showed us how to duplicate this solid system. We love helping others succeed in their health and new business opportunity.”

Not Pictured:

Jennifer Morris

Integrated Regional Directors

“We thought we were jumping into helping people lose weight and at the same time provide financial margin for our family.OPTAVIA is so much more! OPTAVIA allows us to dream again, live in abundance and give generously, serve wholeheartedly without limitations. We are so grateful for this OPTAVIA family.”

– Jeannie & Eric Baldomero

“I am grateful to have been offered the opportunity of Health Coaching over 3 years ago. To awaken people to what is truly possible in life has become my purpose. Being a part of this community of like-minded people and the support of my mentors has transformed my life.”

– Lindsey DiFiore

OPTAVIA has transformed our lives! When a health scare sent me to the ER, I knew it was time to take back my health! We’ve lost a total of 100 lbs together! Paying this gift forward, as a Coaches, is the most rewarding thing we’ve ever done! Love it!”

– Courtney & Wayne Pendle

Regional Directors


Kelli Donovan: “I weighed 240 lbs for 20 years before I found this great program and my awesome Health Coaches Gina and Adam. This program changed my life and helped me lose 70 lbs in seven months and allowed me to gain time freedom and career that I’ve always dreamed of! Honored.”

Evangeline Fabia:OPTAVIA gave me a life I can be proud of… All I’m doing now is just paying this beautiful gift forward! I wouldn’t be here without my Coach, Emily, Justin and to our amazing team.”

Julie & Donald Faunce: “We have been blessed by this journey and love paying it forward. #DTW #LiveLoud”

Elizabeth & Matthew Singleton: “Thank you, OPTAVIA! Not only have I lost 90 lbs, I have helped others gain health and hope in their lives! Every day I am filled with excitement to grow, experience new things, push boundaries and to help my team succeed. Who knew helping others in health was so much fun?”

Candy & Joseph Staten: “This program has changed everything about my life in ways I would have never thought possible! It almost seems unreal to help others do the same thing. A big thank you to my mentor team and my amazing Coaches as we partner together to help America be her healthiest self!”

Tracy & Ron Uebel: “After losing 93 lbs, I’ve gained my health and discovered new beginnings. Sharing health, hope, and partnering with amazing people on the same mission has provided great community. Health, Freedom, and Community all came together! I’m so thankful for this LIFE transformation!”

Rhonda Walker: “My OPTAVIA journey has been incredible! What started out as a figure on a scale became a complete change of focus in my life to a healthier mind, body, and a reminder that I was worth it. Now I coach others and allow them to dream again!”

Brittany Whitworth: “Becoming a Regional Director is exciting but what makes it exciting is the seeing the continued ripple effect of what happens when one makes a decision to get healthy and then live out loud to inspire others! I continue to be amazed by and in love with OPTAVIA!”

Christina Wright-Ah Sam & Tee Ah Sam: “This has been an amazing journey! First, the personal weight loss of 90 lbs! Now reaching Regional Director, WOW! At first said, “NO,” to coaching – I’m so glad my Coaches, Carol Carlos and Lynn Cambia encouraged me and are still by my side to walk with me! Mahalo!”

Not Pictured:

Stephen & Mary Alessi
Chris Campbell
Judith Centofanti
Launa Christiansen
Holly Emery
Susan Fox
Daniel & Deborah Giles
Jennifer Goshit
Marji Lind
Suzette & Kenny Oxendine
Olivia Pennington
Andrea Rouge
Norma & Lawrence Sullivan
Christin Woods
Ronni Young

Integrated Executive Directors

Not Pictured:

Johanna & Scott Braud

Executive Directors


Not Pictured

Holly & Jeremy Beauford
Dana Becton
Isis Blackstock
Jennifer Boettcher
Danielle Bowen
Jayne Chorvat
Alan Christiansen
Debby DeBusk
Jayme Drinkard
David & Debbie Emard
Bonnie Etheridge
Gerry Faust
Elizabeth Foley
David & Lori Ford
Kimberly Freeman
Cheryl & Daniel Fuller
Christina Heffernan
Kristen Hill
Lois Hughey
Jeannette Hurst
Lisa Johns
Kathy Kelbaugh
Amy Knudson
Vivian Lazar
Alisha Marshall
Shelly Mason
April McCully
Ken Oxendine
Erika Price
Kristen Richards
Dennis & Carol Rode
Keri Rosales
Sheryl & Shane Sablan
Stacey Schaible
Crystal Schlicher
Janelle Stephens
Jenny Sturm
Andrea Suissa
Kymberli & Lars Svemark
Celia Tate
Beth Taubes
Carrie Anne Underkoffler
Anna & Nathan Wahl
Nathalie & Thomas Wallace
Ladonna Warren
Edward Weaver
Judy Wellman
Joy Wong
Brittany Zetterquist

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