Beginning March 1st, all Health Coaches have the opportunity to participate in OPTAVIA Ignite until June 15th, and OPTAVIA Blaze until June 30th. OPTAVIA Ignite focuses on the transformation that you or your Clients have made during your Optimal Wellbeing journey, and OPTAVIA Blaze helps Health Coaches grow their business, reach new ranks, and earn rewards at this year’s National Convention!

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Shareable Resources
Leaderboard – Top 150 Blaze Point Earners


Open to both Health Coaches and Clients, OPTAVIA Ignite is a way for us to recognize and celebrate the members of our Community who are embracing Optimal Wellbeing and transforming their lives with Take Shape For Life®. From March 1st through June 15th, participants can submit a brief (up to 3 minute) video submission with their transformation story.

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After June 15th, all video submissions will go through a screening and scoring process by an internal team at Take Shape For Life®. The top 20 videos will be shared via social media, and then voted on by the Community of Health Coaches and Clients to help narrow down the selection! From there, the top 10 stories will be selected and invited to join us in Dallas at National Convention!

The top 10 videos will receive free National Convention registration and be reimbursed up to $1,700 for airfare and a three-night hotel stay at the Gaylord Texan. The top 10 contestants will also receive on-stage recognition at National Convention 2017. Download the OPTAVIA Ignite Terms and Conditions for more rules and restrictions.

The top 3 video contestants will receive the same reimbursement and recognition as above, but will also have their story featured as an OPTAVIA Ignite video. These videos will become a high-quality video production that will be showcased and shared with all Health Coaches, Clients, and prospects. The top 3 contestants will also be awarded with a commemorative item on stage at National Convention 2017! For questions like ‘What do I talk about in my video?’ and more, download the OPTAVIA Ignite FAQ document.

Download this simple one-page Training Document for details, tips, and ideas for sharing your story during OPTAVIA Ignite.



Blaze is an exciting way for Health Coaches to build their business, be recognized for their efforts, and earn awards at National Convention 2017 and beyond. From March 1st through June 30th, all Health Coaches will earn points for acquiring and supporting Clients, sponsoring Health Coaches and helping them acquire Clients, and developing Senior Coaches and Executive Directors on their team. Also, Health Coaches who perform at Integrated Ranks and have team members who also perform as FIBC and/or FIBLs are eligible to receive a Leadership Multiplier! Download the OPTAVIA Blaze Terms and Conditions for more rules and restrictions.

Health Coaches will earn points for the following behaviors:


These points will be tracked in Office In Motion. Points for FLV and Health Coach sponsorship will be updated as close to real time as possible, while points for Senior Coach and Executive Director development will be updated monthly, following the close and finalization of the previous month. Leadership multiplier points will be updated monthly as well. A Leaderboard will be posted in the Agents of Transformation Facebook Group after the first month and will be updated the second Friday of every month at 10 a.m. EST. For questions like ‘What is the Leadership Multiplier?’ and more, download the OPTAVIA Blaze FAQ document.

The following awards will be given to those Health Coaches who meet the minimum points threshold:


* The new FIBC will be counted down to the next qualified Executive Director in depth. †Stellar Gold achievers only receive the Stellar Gold jacket. Stellar Ten achievers only receive the Stellar Ten jacket.


Shareable Resources

There are social media graphics and text prompts for you to use to spread the word about these campaigns! Please visit the Agents of Transformation Facebook group in order to download and share this information with your teams and Clients.

You can also head to Office in Motion for a few e-Cards to share with your teams and Clients, to download the flyers below to share this exciting news!

Ignite Flyer:

Blaze Flyer:

Blaze Flyer w/ Stellar:


OPTAVIA Blaze Leaderboard

This Leaderboard will be updated more frequently in the Agents of Transformation Facebook group! Make sure that you check the group periodically to stay up-to-date.

1. Carol Hipps
2. Pat & Karen Schatzline
3. Dan & Megan Valentine
4. Tiffany & Andy Howard
5. Traci & Russell Scarce
6. Gina & Adam Echols
7. Michelle & Josh Bomba
8. Kevin & Bekah Tinter
9. Paul & Rachel Butler
10. Jeremy & Lindsey Nicks
11. Beth & Scott Kind
12. Laura & Ben Oates
13. Toni Varone
14. Courtney & Wayne Pendle
15. Jennifer & Bryan Whipple
16. Samantha & Harold Prestenbach
17. Lana & Lee Batishev
18. Dr. JC Doornick
19. Dee & Larry Korchan
20. Cindy Nixon
21. Maggie Hanzmann
22. Alison Petty
23. Susan & Mitchell Heyman
24. Emily & Adam Flores
25. Luisa & Rick Kahdeman
26. Jared & Amber Smithson
27. Janet & Dwane Trannum
28. Patty VanCleve
29. Charles Chivers
30. Janet Lindgren
31. Laurie Reasons
32. Mark & Laura Blankespoor
33. Paula & Wes Holt
34. Jamil Frazier & Amanda Leyva-Frazier
35. Tammy Knock & Josh Shuller
36. Margie & Allen Lundy
37. Amanda Noble
38. Joanna & Jay Mitchell
39. Michele Zaiderman
40. Leah Woolf
41. Matt & Amy Watts
42. Jeannie & Eric Baldomero
43. Tonya & Kevin Crosby
44. Calandra Schanzenbach
45. Amy Keen
46. Kelly & Heather Martin
47. Dr. Jonathan Yalowchuk
48. Kat & Jon Fuller
49. Kevin & Kelly Rogerson
50. Tammy Taylor
51. Carrie Frazier
52. Aimee Busseau
53. Brian & Mary Blachly
54. Jennifer Brown
55. Vonda & Ian Livingston
56. Kerry & Dr. Paul Lograno
57. Margie & Allan Johnson
58. Justin & Courtney Tolman
59. John & Charlotte Bauman
60. Jen & Marcus Jones
61. Stacey Iannotti
62. Yella & Bonnie Siulua
63. Leigh & Edward Siaosi
64. Rita Waltrip
65. Susan Martin
66. Leslie & Trey Begin
67. Matt & Christie Engstrom
68. Claire Stowell
69. Meghan & Brandon Renna
70. Leigh Rooke
71. David & Debbie Sulcer
72. Whitney Kell
73. Kami & Andrew Clark
74. Maria & Kevin Kringel
75. Candice & Herman Watson
76. Dawn & Brian Chou
77. Susan & Shane LaBelle
78. Gwen Peterson
79. Toni Morrison
80. Jessica Kolchins
81. Jennifer Morris
82. Cindy & Bill Fulcher
83. Melanie Klar
84. Karisa Lara
85. Michelle Fletcher
86. Gretchen & Eric Fors
87. Kathleen & Ron Mrochko
88. Ed & Lucy Potts
89. Linda Thomason
90. Beverly & Andrew Barton
91. Michelle Beasley
92. Nilsa Castellanos & Anibal Luna
93. Johanna & Scott Braud
94. Matthew Hagy
95. Michelle & Brad Heyman
96. Elizabeth & Ryan Jensen
97. Denise Heinrichs RN, NP & Frank Heinrichs
98. Jonell Steckman
99. Meredith & Mark Oman
100. Monesa Skocik
101. Karleen & Michael Wolanin
102. Tonya Robinson
103. Stephani Whiting
104. Thea & Douglas Wood
105. Andrew Santoro & Lawrence Shore
106. Nora Walsh
107. Robert & Laura Gaffney
108. Danelle Dufriend
109. Cindy Phillips
110. Dawn Donnelly
111. Patty & Mike Glick
112. Nancy Strauss
113. Suzette & Kenny Oxendine
114. Julie Fecht
115. Miriam Kahn
116. Karen Thorngren
117. Bryan & Jodi Drollinger
118. Dorrie Rosen
119. Lisa Wick
120. Jessica Johns
121. Vicky Arsenault
122. Joyce & John Blonskij
123. Tiana & Hyrum Johnson
124. Nicole & Josh DeWard
125. Brad & Ashley Miller
126. Fran Woods
127. Audrey & Matthew Hartsock
128. Corinne Potter
129. Laura & Darrick Sigwerth
130. Chelsea & Rod Chase
131. Dan & Jill Hait
132. Mejken Lacrua
133. Mistie Nielsen
134. Kristy Schuster
135. Carol & Timothy Coufal
136. Jana & Drew Epperson
137. Kirtley Freckleton
138. Jami Goode
139. Cynthia & Jeff Jolly
140. Suri Glazer
141. Cliff & Shirley Mast
142. Nicole Fore
143. Ron & Amy Holland
144. Dr. Mary DiDio
145. Kristen Fullmore
146. David Harrison
147. Diane Kahn
148. Bob & Melissa Butler
149. Michael & Erin Skardasis
150. Letitia Hudson
(Tied for #150)
151. Esther & Drew Lloyd
(Tied for #150)
152. Andrea Stimson
(Tied for #150)
153. Miriam Stobezki
(Tied for #150)